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Generally, consultations are structured as an Initial Consultation followed on by Follow-up Consultations.


Initial Consultations

In this appointment, we will look at your health status, medical history, food preferences, physical activity levels, and then discuss your goals and formulate a personalised eating plan that fits in with your family and lifestyle. We also aim to provide up-to-date nutrition information and education for our clients to help them understand the importance of food and nutrition in their everyday life.

This one-to-one consultation will take 45 – 50 minutes, although extended consults are available when needed.


Follow-up Consultations

In a follow-up session, we will:

  • Evaluate your progress
  • Discuss challenges faced and help overcome barriers
  • Make any changes to the plan if required and help develop strategies to achieve your goals
  •  Answer any question that you may have
  • Continue to provide support and education and keep you motivated


This follow-up appointment will take 20-25 minutes, although extended consults are available if required.


Home Visits

Home visits are available at additional cost depending on your location. Call to inquire more information. 


Phone/Skype Consultations

These can be arranged for clients who are unable to have face-to-face consultation. You will receive the standard consultations as if you were having consultations in person. 

Phone and Skype consultations are commonly used for clients from overseas as well as interstate clients. These are also useful options for those who live locally but struggle to find time to fit in to the appointment at the clinic.