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Are you?

...thinking that you would like to make changes to your diet? Not sure where to begin?

…feeling sick of "yoyo" dieting and wanting to learn how to eat well and lose weight naturally?

...feeling confused or guilty about what you think you ‘should’ be eating to manage your condition successfully?

…constantly feeling fatigued, and keep struggling to lose some weight over and over?

...overwhelmed with information about what is best to eat to be healthy?

...running out of ideas what to cook for yourself and/or your family? 

...wanting information about:

  • how food affects your symptoms?

  • how to read food labels? 

  • special diets for food allergies/ food intolerance or other health issues?

  • how to make simple, quick, delicious meals at home


If any of the questions above is bothering you, a dietitian can help you with individualized assessment and dietary recommendation to address your concerns.

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Dietitians can be trusted to give the best available advice for health related food and nutrition issues because what they say is founded on evidence, which has been proven in science.


A dietitian is a registered professional who: 

  • can assess your diet and lifestyle, and provide practical dietary advice to assist you manage your long term health condition.
  • will work with you to achieve a better quality of health.
  • can provide you with information relevant to your lifestyle and condition.