why visit a dietitian

Why visit a dietitian

Qualified Healthcare Practitioner

Back to Basics Dietetics provides the guidance of a natural Healthcare Practitioners to guide you on your journey to better health. We are fully qualified to dispense high quality and clinically effective products for you to achieve optimal health and quality of life. We regularly attend training and keep well-informed of the latest research and treatment options to give you the best health outcomes

Are you?

... thinking that you would like to make changes to your diet? Not sure where to begin?

... feeling sick of "yoyo" dieting and wanting to learn how to eat well and lose weight naturally?

... feeling confused or guilty about what you think you ‘should’ be eating to manage your condition successfully?

... constantly feeling fatigued, and keep struggling to lose some weight over and over?

...overwhelmed with information about what is best to eat to be healthy?

...running out of ideas what to cook for yourself and/or your family?

why dietitian

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What to expect from a consultation?

At the initial consultation, there will be plenty of time taken to assess and understand your specific needs, medical history, family history, and any existing health conditions and prescribed medicines and supplements taken, goals and other circumstances. In addition to this, laboratory testing may be recommended if necessary.

Your nutrition plan will then be designed specifically for you and will fit in with your lifestyle and cooking ability. In most cases, it's important to have some follow-up consultations to review your progress, provide on-going support and nutrition education and counselling accordingly to help achieve short-term and long-term health goals.

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