For many of our clients, we arrange a follow-up session/s to review any health goals that you may have set and monitor your health and weight progress. We will also review the nutrition strategies discussed in the previous sessions as well as any barriers or challenges encountered so that we can further refine the strategies and meal plans and make it more personalised for you. We explore non-restrictive eating, non-calorie counting, mindful eating, and understand how foods affect your health and weight, and how you relate to your body, mind and appetite around food and eating.

We focus on making small, progressive steps towards long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes for optimal health.

The number of consultations required will depend on the personal needs and there is no minimum. Research shows that those who receive regular support from a qualified dietitian have greater success rates towards their health and weight goals, compared to those doing it alone.


Consultation rates


  Standard consult   20- 30 min            A$85

  Extended consult  30 - 45 min           A$115

  Long consult         45 - 60 min           A$145

  Long consult         60 - 75 min           A$165



For booking, you will be required to pay $85 in advance prior to the initial consultation. 


If the consultation requires longer session, the additional payment can be made at the end of consult. 


Note: Review booking can only be made once initial consultation is completed.



Review Dietitian Consultation

Excluding GST