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Defeat Diabetes Program

12-Week Defeat Diabetes Program


Defeating Diabetes Program is a 12-week online program created by an Accredited Practising Dietitian based on the latest evidence-based research on diet and nutrition to help empower you with knowledge and skills required to manage, treat and reverse diabetes plus one-on-one consultation with our dietitian team to provide you the best support throughout the program.   

what does it include

This program includes:

  • Weekly educational lessons to Learn step by step on how to improve and reverse healthy blood sugar naturally.

  • Weekly meal plan with recipes.

  • Weekly grocery shopping list.

  • Weight tracker.

  • Blood sugar reading tracker.

  • Weekly food diary and blood sugar monitoring template.

  • Summary of weight progress and blood sugar results.

  • Ongoing health progress monitoring.

  • 4 sessions of one-on-one dietitian consultations (30 minutes via phone or skype).


why choose 12-Week Program?

This 12-week program includes 4 one-on-one sessions with the dietitian. As we all know that everyone is unique and different, so are our dietary needs. It is especially important to have personalised dietary and medical support from health professionals for someone who has a medical condition that require regular health monitoring. 


During the initial session with our dietitian, she will have a thorough assessment on your blood test report, medical history, social history and food preferences and then provide a personalised diet advice and meal plans according to your personal needs. She will also liaise with your GP prior to your commencement on the program and report to your GP on your blood sugar progress during and after you complete the program. She will also liaise with your GP regarding medication adjustment through your program. Rest assure that our dietitian will be there to support you all the way to provide you the best health outcomes possible that you desire.​​ 

Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, and it's reversible. Our dietitian will help you empower your skills and knowledge towards managing diabetes through optimal nutrition and ultimately make diabetes reversal a reality to you.

Enrolment for the BBDiet 12-Week Defeating Diabetes Program is currently not available, but a new class will be starting soon.

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