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Below are the Terms and Conditions for use of BBDIET nutrition services including personalised meal plans. Please read these carefully. If you need to contact us regarding any aspect of the following terms of use of our website, please contact us on the following email address –

By accessing the content of, you agree to the terms and conditions set out herein and also accept our Privacy Statement & Disclaimer.

Terms and Conditions

I understand that BBDIET is a nutrition consulting service and is not qualified to give medical advice. I understand everyone should consult a doctor before starting any diet plan and I shall seek a doctor's help if I do not feel well.

I understand that the personal information provided is to receive a more personalised meal plan according to my personal dietary and medical needs. 


I understand that the meal plan generated by the dietitian is based on the information I provided and will not be refundable. I can make request to further refine the meal plan with an additional cost. 

Change to the Terms and Conditions of Use:

We reserve the right to make changes and to revise the above mentioned Terms and Conditions of use.

Last Revised: 28 July 2018

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