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A plant-based diet is all about celebrating and enjoying the foods that naturally fuel our bodies and are minimally processed. By increasing the intake of nourishing foods, you can improve your health, which is exactly what the plant-based diet is about.


With more people than ever before wanting to take action and reclaim their health through a plant-based diet, I wanted to write a book that provides easy recipes, straightforward information, and clear advice to kickstart your journey.


I have designed this Complete Guide To Plant-Based Diet For Beginners with 3-week meal plans and recipes to show you just how easy it is to eat a plant-based diet. You will learn where to get essential nutrients and the main food groups you should be eating on a plant-based diet.


This ebook has actionable information on how you can truly explore healthy and delicious recipes you’ll love and understand the secret of eating more to lose weight naturally.

The Complete Guide To Plant-Based Diet For Beginners

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