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We offer on-going regular dietary support to help you achieve your health and weight goals.

7-Day Kick Start
Optimal Weight

Unlike many fad diets with extremely strict and low calorie diet with no or limited understanding of the food effect on your weight, you will be exploring a new, exciting way of eating and enjoying full plates of delicious meals packed with important nutrients for your body. This program will help empower you with knowledge and skills on how to eat well to lose weight. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight, you can eat more to lose weight!


More importantly, you will be taught how to eat well and develop a good relationship with foods through mindful eating. You will learn how to enjoy foods, make better food choices, develop a good eating habit and positive lifestyle changes for sustainable weight loss.

what is 7-day kick-start OPTIMAL weight PROGRAM?

The 7-Day Kick Start Weight Loss Challenge is an intensive 7-day nutrition program with a 7-day low calorie and nutrient-dense meal plan designed and created by Angeline, an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist to help those who want to get a fresh start with healthy eating for weight loss.

For people who are overweight, struggling with yoyo dieting, poor in meal planning, this 7-day program is an excellent starting point. The 7-Day program will help you establish a new healthy eating routine, kick-start your metabolism, and get your weight loss journey off towards a healthier lifestyle.  

Enrolment for the BBDiet 7-Day Kick-Start Weight Loss Program is currently not available,

but a new class will be starting soon.

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