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How To Break Your Sugar Addiction In 8 Ways

Being addicted to sugar is a biological disorder, driven by hormones and neurotransmitters that fuel sugar and carb cravings — leading to uncontrolled overeating. The good news is we can break our sugar addiction.

Here are 8 ways to combat sugar:

1) Eat a nutritious breakfast

Eat a nutritious breakfast with some fibre-rich foods. Keep regular 2-3 main meals per day. Minimise snacking whenever possible. Also, make sure you have substantial main meals that would last you 3-4 hours without feeling hungry. Under-eating at main meals would increase the chances of snacking more throughout the day. Eat every 4-5 hours and have some protein with each snack or meal (nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, tofu, or lean animal protein for non-vegetarian). Avoid eating three hours before bedtime.

2) Eat real food

You need to eat fibre, fat and protein for each of your meals. Whole foods carbohydrates like veggies, legumes, nuts & seeds are perfectly healthy. Processed, sugary junk foods are not real foods. They set the stage for sugar addiction and all its ugly consequences.

3) Ditch sugar

Go cold turkey if you’re prepared to do so. Otherwise, gradually cut back refined sugar and slowly incorporate more fresh foods such as fruit into your diet. You must eliminate refined sugars, sodas, fruit juices, & artificial sweeteners from your diet. ⠀

4) Start exercise regularly

The next time you get a hankering for something sweet, walk it off…Literally! Besides creating a healthy distraction, exercise tapers cravings & raises feel-good endorphin levels. ⠀

5) Drink plenty of water

Water helps reduce your sugar cravings almost instantly. Make sure you develop a good habit of drinking water between mealtimes. Remind yourself to drink a big glass of water first every time when you feel peckish for sweet snacks.


6) Sleep well

Ever notice you’re hungrier for something sugary after a terrible night’s sleep? Studies show lack of sleep increases cravings. Develop a habit of sleeping earlier to avoid late night snacking.

7) Positive mindset

It is very important that you exercise the power of your mind. When you start focusing on eating healthy and constantly asking yourself what your body really needs and what you shall eat to nourish the body and the mind. You will certainly take control over your eating and start implement mindful eating.

8) Get regular support from your dietitian and family

It's not easy when you're taking up a challenge on your own. Get support from your dietitian will be a great start to be able to work with you together, help keep you on track and provide regular support to help achieve your long-term sustainable health and weight goals.

Having support from your family will also make your challenge easier. Keep in mind that you should always be aiming for making progressive and sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes. Don't be afraid even if you fell of the wagon, just remember to get up again and keep moving forward towards your goals.

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