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How To Slash Calories With Cauliflower for Weight Loss

Updated: May 13, 2020

Lose Weight with Eating More Cauliflower

Cauliflower is the first and most amazing of the cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprout family. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals for better health. This cauliflower vegetable comes in two varieties, the white and the purple 'head.' When the purple coloured cauliflower is prepared, its colour becomes green, much like the broccoli.

The nutritional benefits of the cauliflower reduce the risk of cancer, especially the stomach, bladder, and colon. It is also very helpful with gout and anaemia. It contains a compound, called indoles that stimulates the natural resistance to counterpoise carcinogens. It is a great replacement if tired of carrots for a snack.

Cauliflower happens to be one of the best and healthiest vegetables that are available to humankind.

Although the cauliflower does not possess much flavour compared to some other vegetables of it like, you can still very much combine any flavour of your choosing. However, the cauliflower happens to be a very sensitive ingredient when cooking. You should handle it discreetly when fixing the dish and also during the cooking process as well.

Cauliflower isn't always the most priced piece of produce in the crisper, but since apprehending what this awesome vegetable can do, it's been a staple in so many fridges.

If you're striving to lose weight, then cauliflower is a perfect answer because it also helps in weight loss. This is why you need a lot of information about this white cruciferous vegetable which is ready to be consumed at all times. Cauliflower also contains vitamin C, which happens to be a major element for burning fat.

A single cup of cauliflower holds about 30 calories.

The cauliflower is one of the non-starchy foods that can be consumed in a very large quantity.

What is so unique about Cauliflower?

Low carb count

So many people have settled for cauliflower as a result of the relatively low in carbs count possessed by the cauliflower. It easily substitutes seamlessly for most of the favourite, comfortable and easy to cook foods like fried rice, mac and cheese, and even pizza. It low carb count feature help the veg to remain a drastic and incredible weight loss food item.

High fibre level

Sound and healthy digestion is required to promote healthy bowels and to support quick weight loss. Fortunately, the cauliflower is a vegetable that naturally has a high level of fibre, therefore including it in your daily diet will help you stay regular and loose the necessary amount of weight.

It is rich in omega-3s

The cauliflower is essentially rich in omega-3 fatty acids which will enhance the body's response to insulin by inciting the secretion of leptin. Leptin is one of the major hormones that is needed in a substantial amount to help regulate body weight and also to increase metabolism rate.

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