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Welcome to Back to Basics Dietetics!

Whether your goals are weight loss, management of a medical condition or general wellbeing, Back to Basics Dietetics provides the best support to help you achieve your health goals.


Back to Basics Dietetics aims to optimise your wellbeing through practical, achievable, and personalised healthy eating plans that are sustainable for long term. Your dietary plan will be tailored to your needs, lifestyle, food preferences, goals, medical history and physical activity. 


Nutrition is essential for good health and wellbeing at every stage of our lives. As chronic diseases and overall poor health are on the rise, we want to step in to bring you back to the basics of healthful diet and lifestyle. We want to empower you to make informed choices about food and nutrition. 


We can deliver informative cooking workshops, health seminars, group education seminars, supermarket tours and we are currently developing a specialised 12-week challenge for weight loss and restoration of health as well as other upcoming activities that are all specifically designed for your health needs.


Thank you for stopping by and I can’t wait to get you started on your journey to a renewed healthy nutrition plan!



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